The story of my life part 1

I arrived in Las Vegas at a timing that I don’t remember having fun with my family and i realized that sin city is the abyss in the bible called the book of revelation because of the heat bowl! I notice time was the same as always, Durango high school in Las Vegas had major issues with the gangsters and popular preps and shit.

Anyways the story goes like this, teachers and students on the news being caught for drugs. I started lifting weights the first time in my life during my sophomore year plus with a little interest of being a outside linebacker for the school. Dickheads they are, always harassing me and my dad as always plus you will see that with 1 word my dad said the whole markets collapse called the Lehmann brother’s financial crisis. My dad only used the bible and all of the markets worldwide fell under his control, hallelujah!

This financial crisis is going to be my order called radio technology through frequencies worldwide!