The knowledgeable teacher

In order to lead you got to follow, what is knowledge you ask? Knowledge is basically education put into practice, in a form of action. Trying to know all but failing to know all. A once great teacher told his heads to eat this “bread” 🍞 to really realize that your imagination will fall back on him. The parable teacher Jesus Christ. The master of masters. He dies on the cross to show many meanings after his death revealing the world that we did believe as lost lambs until we took action. Search for the hugest organizations to realize that Jesus did alot more in secret than we think. He lived the way we do and continues to feed us constantly with a loving heart not revealing his color of his skin or knowing his in and outs to the tooth because of the concept that our human flesh is a holy temple. God bless and may king of king’s continue to walk in the faith with you and me 24/7 in every second of the hour. My musical abilities come from the messiah lord of lords Jehovah and you can listen to my music at