The 4 others that are opposite of the 4 horseman of the apocalypse

So lucifer took 1/3 of the angel’s right? So this picture is 100% real to travel in if you wish. The lamb in the middle is Jesus Christ with 1 side representing evil and the other side representing good. Now look at the image again to notice 4 creatures and yes I said 4 creatures. The angel that you see is a creature, the most wicked animal. With the other 3 creatures following the angel. That’s why when you see only 1 creature that’s a angel you will notice the other 3 are hidden by the mask of lucifer. GOD BLESS AND MAY THE LORD JESUS CHRIST BE WITH YOU ALL. For you know that 1 on the upper left corner of the picture is a monkey/lion. The monkey representing black people and the lion representing white people in 1 head.The eagle representing America’s pride with the 3rd image that people are eating to much cows.