Buzsion motion of music the two two process

Composition in a style regardless of the song or track as we call it age period does not die but continues to escalate forward and upward in time. If you write music for instruments or voices to give meaning you will notice that I created buzsion for a mask of secrecy. So when I create my music telling the storied time in this, you will see that all my door’s are closed with nobody no being able to come in. Buzsion music is absolute requisite sense the fact that Jesus Christ is my god.

When I go to sleep at night I turn into a anthropologist’s to describe a place called rhythmically oriented activity beating through my body,mind and soul. The primitive person that I is right now showing that I see everything that you don’t see. In my 7th sign waves of b’s aboriginal society we tell all to your face.

I’m listening to the beginning process of the music I make but notice that I do chant,wail with clapping and beating on crude raw devices. Yugoslavia is a European country that does listen to music all the time. Here’s a tastes of my music at soundcloud.com/buzsion