A considerate thought of buzsion musishhh leaning lesson 1

Let’s stick to the fundamentals, you go down a tunnel to realize the tunnel has musical aspects that can only be recognized with words.

Music is art in a electrifying time period. However you do need a tempera listen at soundcloud.com/buzsion

When thinking of my music you will get a feel of oils, pigments and a lovely drama. Here at buzsion the drama is at house song’s harmonics singing voices. Think as 1 song as 1 sentence. 1 paragraph as a song. The elemental strategy in music in only comprehensive information for the Christian musician. The auditory holes in images that music provided is recognized as a song that needs to be modified.

When humans manipulate the frequencies in the vehicles they drive around town to annoy you, you will notice they always lose because the price to turn on the radio comes out of their pocket. As a sculptor i is when It’s time to work, my skills and abilities come from the prince of peace lord Jesus Christ.

So on the next lesson we will focuse on the rhythmic force for now at soundcloud.com/buzsion