The Red Mirror, Bloody Mary? How Many Virgins Did They Rape?


Are you my friend so I can have sex with you little boy or girl? When my monster declares an attack, I can send this image from your hand to the graveyard, so you will die at the grave whatever number deep! I target 1 fire fiend-type of monster to watch you while you prey on the children you desire to sex6, except the “Red Mirror” is in my hand to throw where I desire at my enemies, watch for the atmosphere of the image! If I sync the summoned song while this image is in your place of death, except during the damage step or where you fell! Or the time period where this image was sent to the death graveyard. I add the image to my hand when I can only use each effect of a “Red Mirror” Once per turn. Attack is 0 and Defense is 0, so watch out for the mirrors because when I look at you I will see the your face twisted emotions talking to me without your lips moving!