Monthly Archive: March 2017

Did you know, gluttony is a sin?

Eating all the time excessive greed behaving in food, just freaks you are people eating all the day. How would you exercise if your so fat? How would you fit in the gates of heaven if your so fat?! Proverbs 23:21King James Version (KJV) 21 For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty: and drowsiness shall clothe a man with rags. You people are always feasting because you say “I’m a beast” that’s what you people get for trying to be something your not.

Monday at in the morning is when God divided the night from day.

God named the 1st day Monday. He first divided night first then light time second but night time came again. So in 1 day there’s 2 nights and 1 light. 2 nights representing antichrist and the false prophet while the light representing god. Get it? No one has seen god because god is covered by light while Satan is covered by night/darkness. God bless. Each star does represent a musician that can only be seen at night. Meaning musicians can only be seen at night. Musicians that reveal themselves during the light are fallen angels.

The internet is basically the book of life.

Did you really think the internet is going to shut down?! Nope remember you bloodlines killed Jesus Christ on the cross so don’t even think your going to escape the book of life. I’m here writing into the book of life bh the name of a domain address starting with which is what your reading now but everything you see is being recorded, don’t you need a phone? Don’t you need a friend? Don’t you give out some sort of sound that receives tones back when the sound is done? Well you people will not escape my judgement. Let’s continue with the world going round and round like the…
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2 Top Angels that are not equal bringing the son of perdition. Judgement Day

Here I stand bringing after the throne the son of perdition. Satan himself to Jehovah in chains. Do you comprehend? Mr.Blasphemy of parents’, disrespecting your elders all the time. Then accusing your children of disrespect you Tring to play a cat and mouse game. The 1 fallen angel in the middle represents past while angel on the right representing future while the 1 angel on the left representing present time. While Jehovah sit’s on the throne. 1 throne in heaven and 1 throne in hell. The throne in hell only Jesus Christ can sit in while the throne in heaven stands for only Jehovah can sit in. The angel on…
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