2 Top Angels that are not equal bringing the son of perdition. Judgement Day

Here I stand bringing after the throne the son of perdition. Satan himself to Jehovah in chains. Do you comprehend? Mr.Blasphemy of parents’, disrespecting your elders all the time. Then accusing your children of disrespect you Tring to play a cat and mouse game. The 1 fallen angel in the middle represents past while angel on the right representing future while the 1 angel on the left representing present time. While Jehovah sit’s on the throne. 1 throne in heaven and 1 throne in hell. The throne in hell only Jesus Christ can sit in while the throne in heaven stands for only Jehovah can sit in. The angel on the right representing future is about to fall because he’s a know it all. He’s listening to lucifer in the middle so the world in this timing is going to receive the false prophet and only the false prophet. Lucifer is in hell whispering to the false prophet on earth. The Antichrist is a 2 headed beast. Anti representing 1 head while Christ representing 1 head.